About BCA

BenefitScape® is the name of the product developed by Benefit Corporation of America, LLC. (BCA), created especially for ACA Compliance.

BenefitScape® creates a clear, optimistic, and uplifting vision for employees of how their employer is connecting them, their family, their colleagues, and their community with their potential health plan opportunities. All of this is happening in an era of new, different, and contemporary concepts, such as healthcare reform.

BCA is an intellectual leader and innovator in the development of technology-based employee benefit administrative and compliance solutions. We have the expertise in compliance, information technology, and employee communications to excel at compliance management.

We are specialists. Our focus is zeroed in on 'point solutions', which refer to a product or service that provides a solution to a very specific, singular problem or opportunity.  We have adopted this approach because employee benefit professionals often need to react quickly and economically to legislative, regulatory, or marketplace changes.  Making the required changes to complex HRIS, Payroll, and Benefit Administration platforms is expensive, time consuming, and resource constrained, hence the role of our lightweight, agile, best in class ‘point solutions'.

Special focus is on our newest product called BenefitScape®
With BenefitScape®, any employer, large or small, will be able to satisfy all of their requirements that are necessary to comply with the new healthcare reform (ACA) requirements.  The BenefitScape® solution consists of consulting, employee communications, and administration all in one neat package. Central to the solution is a secure web-based portal that enables communication and coordination between the employer, employees, the Massachusetts Health Connector, and the various insurance carriers. The firm is headquartered is in the Boston area with satellite software development offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

About BCA -- Software Development

Our solutions are comprehensive.
When we address a specific topic like ACA compliance, we build a flexible solution that can accommodate the changes that will inevitably occur. We know and expect the regulations to change, and we will expand and conform our services to meet the requirements, at no additional cost to our clients.

Our solutions are simple and easy to use.
Our business model is to provide our clients with a subscription that allows them to use our services on a month-to-month basis as a Full Service Subscription.  Each client is assigned a BenefitsScape® analyst, who will help them use our software when it is necessary.

We are pioneers.
We invented many of the technologies used to manage compliance.  BCA excels in individualized personalized communications.  This fits well with the ACA which is essentially an individual snapshot of each employee detail in terms of their health plan participation.

Look to us for best in class tools and solutions, not multi-use platforms that only dabble in compliance.

Our design team is led by Ken Phillips, a recognized pioneer in the field of bringing affordable technology solutions to the employee benefit industry.

Mr. Phillips is the founder and chairman of BCA. He has developed and managed several businesses that are focused on different facets of 'Total Benefit Outsourcing' and 'Human Resource Outsourcing'. He has an extensive 30-year track record of introducing new financial and employee benefit concepts to employees and is one of the founders of the concept of personalized employee communications, now a commonly-used strategy for employee communications, benefit plan enrollment, and employee benefit and total compensation statements.

Mr. Phillips began his career in the Retirement Services and Actuarial Software industry, where he was the primary architect for development of administrative systems required to support the emerging Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Industry. After the sale of this software startup in 1971, he worked with a number of companies, including Fidelity and DST, to assist in their deployment of retirement plan technology.

Mr. Phillips was the founder, president, and chairman of Employee Communication Services (ECS); a software and employee benefit communications consultancy that was formed in 1972 and re-capitalized in 1999 by Warburg Pincus to become the nucleus of a new venture known as Workscape (http://www.workscape.com). Ken was the product visionary and principal at Workscape until leaving in December 2002. In addition he also serves as:

  • Director Emeritus and past president of the New England Employee Benefit Council
  • Author of a reference text published by Panel Publication: “Communicating Employee Benefits...An ERISA Legal Perspective.”
  • Founder and chairman of the Prospect Institute for Educational Finance, which is the largest Section 529 College Savings Plan Supermarket in the US. 
  • Advisory board member of AUTHORIA, (http://www.authoria.com). Authoria is the world leader in personalized, web-based human resource communication.
  • Director and board member of the REED Group Ltd. (http://www.rgl.net), the leader in applying clinical guidelines in the area of workplace disability.

Overview of an ACA e-File project

Our BenefitScape® e-Filing service is complemented by experienced, insightful and trained Analysts. Each client is assigned one or more Analysts that leverage software-enforced best practices to ensure compliance, correct reporting and applicable filing.  The Analysts work with our clients to address any issues that may arise and remove the worry from this new and complex compliance requirement.

BenefitScape® serves as both the repository for compliance data and the Data Warehouse designed specifically for detailed analysis and reporting. For those clients that have produced the 1095C and 1095B forms themselves, we adopt this approach:

1.     Your assigned Analyst will work with you to guide you through the process and to identify the necessary data

2.     The Analyst will conduct a complete analysis of your form data and provides feedback on any issues that are discovered to avoid any delays

3.     The ACA IRS AIR regulations and data validation rules are enforced by the BenefitScape® platform. As your data is imported into BenefitScape, each field on the form is checked and transformed into the appropriate IRS AIR compliant formats.   

4.     BenefitScape generates the appropriate files representing the 1094, 1095, XML manifest, and creates all of the control codes and transmits them to the IRS. Each transmission is uniquely identified and tracked. The data is submitted to the IRS with the BCA official TCC Code.

5.     The IRS may generate errors based upon SSN/Last Name matching and others that BenefitScape cannot validate. These are captured and the Analyst will work with the client to correct the problems. Often this remediation will require corrected 1095B or 1095C forms to be issued.

6.     Once your data is fully transferred and the has IRS acceptance is generated, BenefitScape will produce a final receipt capturing summary information and the IRS approval.

7.     All data used in the completed approved filing is archived for the client’s filing records.